Sunday, June 27, 2010

Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior

Hiking Isle Royale made me feel I was living in Edenic times.  Thimbleberry bushes  grow taller than people and bear delicious fruit.  We saw a moose and heard its cry like a rusty bugle but we never saw  the elusive wolves.   The quavering calls of loons rang through the air.  The reason it felt like Eden was the absence of cars and roads and the beautiful flora and fauna.  We hiked paths and found greenstones, a semi precious stone formed in the volcanic rock of the island.

We also saw ancient copper mines where the First Nations dug the very pure copper found on Isle Royale and traded it as far away as Texas thousands of years ago.

We had to buy tickets for the boat trip to Isle Royale far in advance.  A small plane also takes passengers to the island but tickets for the flight must also be purchased long in advance.

Even thought it is not easy to reach, the trip is well worth it.    Here is a link with particulars:

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  1. haven't been since my folks took us as children. i can remember we all had a glorious time.