Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nipigon Bay on Lake Superior, Ontario Canada

Nipigon Bay on Lake Superior is fed by many small gurgling tributary streams from the north that flow into Lake Nipigon and then for 90 miles through the Nipigon River. This is the northernmost point of Lake Superior.

This is the high north; the habitat lake trout and brook trout.  Sometimes a caribou is seen.

The scenery is beautiful but sadly, both Thunder Bay and Nipigon Bay have been designated  as Areas of Concern due to pollution. The government of Canada is working to remedy the degradation.

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  1. The Township of Nipigon is also the administrative headquarters of the new Lake Superior National Marine Conservaton Area. :) We are currently upgrading our wastewater system with the support of Infrastructure Canada with the goal of addressing the AOC designation!