Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Niagara Falls are Part of the Great Lakes Ecosystem

The Canadian Niagara Falls

Native Americans called Niagara Falls "Thunderer of Waters" a very apt name.  A rainbow arcs in the mist above the horseshoe shaped Canadian Falls.  On the United States side of the falls a powerful gathering of waters rush over the lip of the rock.

Some years ago I was watching from the Canadian side when someone decided to go over in a barrel.  I was watching at the exact time the barrel went over the falls, but I did not see it since the falls are so immense.  As we drove away from the falls in our car we heard about it on the radio.  This is against the law because so many have attempted this stunt and were killed.  Fortunately on that day, the person survived.

Below the falls the water thunders over rapids and curls into spinning whirlpools and finally reaches the Niagara River's mouth where the water flows into Lake Ontario.

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