Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cross Country Skiing

Pigeon Creek County Park
A great place to ski
The woods were very quiet and all I could hear was the shush shush shush of my cross country skis. Usually the chickadees will follow me in the tree tops. The trees were swathed in heavy white fox fur capes and hats and a few dark blue berries were still clinging to their stalks. At Pigeon Creek Park, the groomed trails are for skiers and are marked easy or difficult. I stayed on an easy trail that led me to the creek. Its dark waters ran between snowy banks and the silent trees were reflected in their waters.

I saw the hoof prints of deer, rabbits and a few other small mammals. Squirrels had dropped some shells onto the snow from the treetops but I saw nary one squirrel.

Pigeon Creek is a tributary to Lake Michigan. It could not be more peaceful as I skied over the beautiful forested terrain.

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