Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ice on Lake Michigan: An Eagle Flew Over

On the beach this morning the sun was shining and an eagle flew overhead. It flew low enough to scout for any dead fish that the lake may have tossed on shore or fish that might be seen in the water. I took this photo this morning as the eagle flew overhead.
Usually ice begins to form along Lake Michigan's eastern shore by Thanksgiving.  The Ice was late this year due to and unseasonably warm December.  But now in January the ice is forming ridges on the sandy beach.  The ice feet are building up with each splashing wave and we see ice balls that the waves have tossed on the shore and we see ice balls bobbing in the water.  The hard rim of ice will prevent the beach sand from eroding.  The sun on the new fallen snow was sparkling and the waves splashed over the ice ridges so they will continue to build up. 
 Read more about this phenomenon and about the environmental victory that allowed the American bald eagle to return to the shores of the Great Lakes in my book the Dynamic Great Lakes available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and many independent bookstores.

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