Saturday, June 2, 2012

Persephone Brings warblers, catbirds, mayflies, foam flowers


Persephone Emerges

Under willows’ first fuzz
Eden green
goats graze
feeding unborn kids.
The warbler haunted woods
flickers green fire—
the river brims a billion suns.
Persephone burst
from under earth covered with leaf mold
and blinking in the fawn spotted dawn
in the cool wooded dunes.
Above her head, flecks of foam
flowers, bloodroot and trillium
splash the dark soil,
spilled milk
at a sacrificial rite.
Persephone emerges.
Morning light veils her body
darts through her jewels
her crown of diamonds, rubies, emeralds.
She carries sweet spring
time in her
with the vision of night.
On the mirror still surface of a lake,
mayflies suffer breech births,
wiggle out of wetsuits

nymphs no longer

and with wings clear as water
they wobble into flight
rise like clouds of smoke
in golden light.
A catbird speaks in tongues
its throat bubbles out ineffable delights.
Bees spin in dusty pollen,
melt water burbles,
rises through red veins of leaves,
Persephone’s footprints fill with water.

--Barbara Spring

Excerpted from The Wilderness Within

This book is widely available in bookstores and on the web at, etc.

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