Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Pinook a hybrid in the Upper Great Lakes

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The Pinook is a hybrid crossing of pink salmon with female Chinook salmon on the St. Mary's River in the Great Lakes system.  The Pinook does not die after spawning.

Pink Salmon you may ask?  

Pink salmon, a relative of the lake trout, are from the saltwater
Pacific Ocean. Some of these fish were accidentally washed down
the drain at an experiment station on Lake Superior in 1955 and to
everyone’s surprise, the fish returned to the drain two years later to
spawn. They established themselves in the cold freshwater of Lake
Superior then reached Lake Michigan and Lake Huron via the St.
Mary’s River, which is a freeway for fish. Pink salmon weigh from
three to five pounds at maturity and sometimes reach ten pounds.
The adult male develops a large hump on his back and a hooked jaw.

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