Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Plutonium and the Great Lakes

Some people believe that building more nuclear power plants will give us clean, cheap energy. Not true.
Plutonium, the byproduct of generating electricity with nuclear power, is being stored near water on the shores of the Great Lakes and its tributaries. Just a tiny amount of plutonium can kill living things and life as we know it. Plutonium does not break down for thousands of years. If plutonium should get into the Great Lakes water system, the greatest freshwater system could be destroyed overnight. Do we want to take chances like this when no one has solved the problem of where and how to handle this deadly product?

We should phase out the aging nuclear power plants we now have and work on safer solutions to our energy problems. We should turn off the lights and walk more. We should unplug things that use power even when turned off. There are lots of ways to save energy.

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